Monday, September 12, 2005

Pop Culture
WRT 204-03
Kristine Kelly
"Which generation are you?"
As I was going through and answering each of these questions I found myself choosing tv characters as the ideal figure of a mother. I thought that was quite interesting. Everyone always says that tv has a major impact on youth today, I guess I never really realized that until I starting answering these questions. I answered what I want to be when I grew up as someone who makes a lot of money. They didn’t have on there the answers happy or healthy. It might sound corny but that is all I really want to be is happy and healthy. I mean don’t get me wrong being rich would be really nice. After I was done answering the questions I read the top of the essay. It said if I answered mostly As then I was a pre-boomer. I am not really sure what that is suppose to mean, but I answered mostly as and I am pretty sure I am in generation x. I found these questions and answers to be shallow and not worth answering.
"Society’s mixed messages"
When I went through and read this list or table of song titles I found myself looking directly at the apparent drug reference after. Marijuana seems to have made a full circle and crept in here and there. A lot of these songs have gone down in history. Like Lucy in the sky with diamonds and the chronic. Both of these songs or albums made a major impact on its time. Chronic was said to be the number one album of hip hop. And Lucy in the sky with diamonds will live forever. However I am sure you have people who will say this is horrible and that drugs shouldn’t have this much of an impact on our music but in reality it does. And it is part of out culture and drugs will always be part of our culture.